Third largest city in Morninghaft
Known as “The City of Spires”
Just under two square miles in area
City guard of 480 men.

The port city of Heastead is two days ride to the south.
The city of Saham is three days ride to the northwest.
The capital, Clearfort, is four and a half days ride to the north.
(These cities are also all reachable by river craft, but the travel time is almost the same – a bit slower upriver, a bit faster downriver)

Home of Greyford University. The University grew out of what was once the fortress of Gisima the Archmage. It is now run by a group of Archmagi who call themselves the Guild of the Silver Dragon. The university covers a sprawling campus that boasts one of, if not the finest library in the entire Eastern Continent. The library is renowned as the home of the Frinary Fragments and the only known copy of the Baatorian Folio of Elichos.

Major wards of Lagesa:

  • Hart’s District
  • Craftsman’s District
  • Greater Mastiff’s Farthing
  • Tome Ward
  • Noble’s District
  • Cathedral Ward
  • Herald’s Ward
  • Lion’s Ward
  • Dale Farthing

Nearby Towns and Villages:

  • Bigoak
  • Goatmoorlands
  • Wisewaters
  • Bell Village
  • Drakespool Village
  • Orb Village
  • Grove Village
  • Unicorn’s Village
  • Longfield

Points of Interest:

  • Fidelis Balagan – Wizard’s Guild
  • Fortune Hunter’s Hall
  • The Blood of Rond – Fighter’s Guild
  • Unspoken – Theive’s Guild (not public)
  • House Targaryen – Powerful Mage Family

Persons of Note:

  • Wolart, capt. of the city guard
  • The Warriors Three: Sebastian, Tristan, Damien
  • Valentine’s Thieves Guild: Lorn, Bil, Gil & the Disgruntled remnants of the former guild
  • Bole, seasoned woods guide
  • Karathi, the Clockwork Wizard


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